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Well, hello there.  I’m glad you stumbled upon my first blog post in a bazillion years.

It’s literally been like a year.  Forever y’all.  

I’ll catch you up on things in case you don’t follow me on Facebook.  My husband and I made a baby, I gave birth to said baby last year (in 2016), rode the struggle bus for the first 3 months of motherhood plus teaching kindergarten, became a stay-at-home-mama after the school year was over, decided not to go back into the classroom just yet, fell in love with being at home with our girl, slowly got my creative kick back, and now I’m here… 

… chasing a toddler, growing ANOTHER baby due in August (yes.  another one already.  Jesus help.), working at home with this graphic & web design business, and trying to find time to shower and develop domestic skills. 

Although my life has gotten so much sweeter with those chunky feet, I have so missed this part of my life.  It’s my outlet.  My passion.  And a little part of me felt empty not being able to pursue it as much as I wanted in the past year.

When I finally got hold of the wildness that is being a new mom, I wanted to purposefully make time for being creative.  I think I stayed away from my computer because I’m not big into our daughter having a lot of screen time or being around me having a lot of screen time.  I dabbled in making bows, bibs, and jewelry thinking that crafting might be something that I could be successful at and do with her… instead of next to her.  Haha.  Oh please.  Y’all, that was a disaster.  Full blown disaster.  I did pretty well until she started crawling and then all I could find time to do was follow the tiny tornado around and clean up whatever she drug out.  The bows and bibs and jewelry stopped.  I can now supply the southeastern region with fabric and ribbon and beads.  I think part of me just enjoyed taking the nugget shopping, having an excuse to get Starbucks, and buying all things crafty.  What was I thinking!?  Baby drunk I guess.

I think I finally realized that I need to stick with what I’m good at even if it wasn’t what I thought was ideal when we had our baby.   This intranets and doodling stuff.  I’ve prayed about it, read some great books about finding my passion, and spent a lot of time thinking about it and planning my time.  I needed a fresh start, but I also needed to figure out how to realistically fit it into my new life.

So, I rebranded.  It seems in more than just business, but in life in general.

I am no longer in the classroom, and am not sure when I’ll return since baby #2 is on the way, so The School Supply Addict doesn’t really fit anymore. I recently had trouble finding a pair of scissors in my house, which doesn’t scream “school supply addict.”  More “unshowered mom wondering if her toddler hid the scissors somewhere.”  My school stuff is boxed up, crammed in the basement, and collecting dust (and probably spiders… oh. my. gosh).  

I had an identity crisis.  A brief stint (more like months and months) of opening up my computer, then closing it again because I didn’t know who the heck I was or where I was going with this whole online thing.    

Goodbye The School Supply Addict…

Hello A Hughes Design.  

I design things and my name is Ashley Hughes.  The name was simple.  I will still buy 20 boxes of crayons if I find them for 30 cents each, but being out of the classroom just feels a little weird when your brand implies you still own 40 cardigans and 3 laminators (which I do).

I am sticking to designing graphics, websites, and branding elements.  My purpose is helping teachers, bloggers, and small business owners follow their own passions.  That’s it.  It’s nice to have some focus and take things off my plate.  I spent some time developing a plan for how to fit everything in, delegate tasks, and say no to some things that sound really fun, but will just end up sucking my time. 

And it feels sooo good.  My time is precious.  I am a Jesus-lover, wife, mom, and then I am a boss lady.  My time should reflect that.  I’m sticking to what I WANT to do, not things that I reluctantly say yes to or feel like I should do because I am a people pleaser.  I’ve been going to a bible study each week, spending time in God’s word, reading, being a better wife, learning how to cherish my mommy time, and THEN…. I get to do this fun stuff. 

So, what does the rebranding mean for you?  

1.  If you own any of my TPT products, then you’ll be receiving updates about old products.  I’m updating and redrawing all old (and hideous) products and rebranding the newer ones.  Just be sure to check your purchases page if you own anything from me.

2.  The School Supply Addict website is still active, just no new stuff over there.  I’ll eventually redirect it, but for now it’s just hanging out.  

3.  If you need help with creating a website, logo, or other branding things, then I can help.  I’m not the most amazing graphic and web designer, but I think I do a pretty sweet job.  

I’ve rebranded.  I’m a mom and I sometimes don’t get to wear real pants around the house anymore, but I am so excited to finally have a little focus and spend what time I have fulfilling my purpose and passion. 

A Hughes Design
ashley hughes

ashley hughes

Jesus lover, wife, mama of 2 toddlers + 3 dogs, graphic and web designer, former elementary teacher, Kentucky girl, and a coffee and wine enthusiast.

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I’m Ashley, the creative behind A Hughes Design.  I am a Jesus lover, wife, mama of 2 toddlers + 3 dogs, former elementary teacher, Kentucky girl, and a coffee and wine enthusiast. 




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