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Yay!  How exciting is the thought of a new website?!  Is your mind racing with ideas and possibilities? 

Okay, here are some things you should know about me right off the bat.  I don’t want to waste your time if you’re looking for a specific type of web designer.  

  • Templates: I design using themes and templates. I don’t create the themes, I just customize them and configure them specifically for your brand. I am a front-end kind of gal and, although I can do basic coding, I am only going to be making your site pretty and working with what a theme and platform allow. I have specific themes I use to allow for maximum customization, but I can also use a specific theme if you’re set on a specific one from a theme designer.  

  • Platforms: I design on WordPress, Squarespace, and Blogger.

  • Maintenance: I do not maintain sites. Again, I just make them pretty. If you’re looking for a maintenance plan, then I know some web designers who offer them, but they’re usually pricey. Your best bet, if you’re wanting to keep costs low, is to learn the differences between platforms and figure out which one you feel comfortable maintaining yourself. Personal favorite: Squarespace… and I don’t get paid for that. 🙂 Google “website maintenance checklist” and you can find some pretty great resources that tell you some things you should be doing weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly.

  • SEO: I’m not your gal. It’s something that you can definitely do yourself, but since I will not be digging into your content a whole lot (just the look and design), it would be really difficult for me to do a sufficient job and boost your rankings. I can totally direct you to some great SEO experts and DIY’s if you need. This is a great overview if you’re clueless about SEO.

Now that you’re still with me, let’s talk details!  We could go one of three ways:   

A Hughes Design Web Portfolio_Kentucky Financial Literacy

new website

  • Need a brand spankin' new site? Or a migration? I'd love to work with you to design and launch something you'll love... and something that will really showcase your brand, product, or talents.
  • Pricing is based on platform, pages, features, etc.
A Hughes Design Web Portfolio_Joey Udovich


  • This involves me taking your current site and giving it a facelift. No change in platform. I take what you have, design on your existing template or a new one, and make everything look fresh and beautiful!
  • Pricing is based on platform, pages, features, etc.
A Hughes Design Web Portfolio_Secondary Sara

element install

  • Need something simple or maybe a few elements or features installed + configured? Whether you want to integrate a lead capture form, an Instagram feed, or a blog preview slider, I can help!
  • Pricing is based on platform, pages, features, etc.



Pricing depends on time, features, template, and setup complexity. I’d love to see if we’re a good fit! I’ll send you a questionnaire followed up by a free quote.